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Water white, low iron, ultra clear glass transmits 98% to 99% of light, and is anti-glare and ant-reflective coated. This glass is becoming very important to the movie theater industry, as the industry turns to digital equipment. Used as a theater glass, our water white glass outperforms other ultra clear products. We use a process that insures defect free glass.

Other typical uses of water white glass are in display cases and photo booths. Thicknesses are available in 3mm, 6mm and 10mm. Water White Glass under 3mm thick transmits 99% of visible light, while over 3mm thick transmits 98% of visible light. Sizes are available up to 6' X 8'. Use our contact form to request a quote. Please include size and thickness specifications.

Water white clear glass (98% transmission) has a variety of other potential uses. One use for this clear glass is for displaying graphics and art on the glass. Water white clear glass can be used for the application of silk-screen images. The glass is so clear and anti-reflective that it is transparent to the image. From a short distance the graphics or art appears to float.

Water white glass is available as tempered product. Hydrophobic coating is also available to repel dust, dirt, water and oil build-up.

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